Vegetable Production for
Local Markets
Saturday, January 31, 2015

Learn successful techniques for small farms and market gardens to produce vegetables and sell them at local markets Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Who should attend?

  • You should attend if you are a Locavore who searches for and consumes locally grown food produced within 100 miles of your home.
  • You should attend if your are a grow local/buy local. This workshop will help you successfully grow and market vegetables in Central Florida.
  • Select this link for workshop information and agenda.

    Pre-registration is required along with a $20 fee per person for workshop materials. Class is limited to 20 people to accommodate hoands on activities.

    Select this link to register on-line.

    If you want more information or have additional questions contact Darla Wilkes at 407-254-9202 or Richard Tyson 407-254-9201 or send e-mail by selecting this link to send E-Mail to Extension Service

    Richard Tyson        Dr. Richard Tyson

    Did You Know?

    rain barrel Florida receives an average 52 inches of rainfall each year. Learn how to store some of this water by making a rain barrel.

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