Streetscape in Orange County

Join forces with Orange County and the University of Florida to beautify your neighborhood!

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Learn how to become part of the Streetscape program.

Help design your future!

With Orange County's rapid growth, new communities are appearing where forests and farm land have previously existed.  Sometimes it seems as if new developments spring up overnight!

Streetscape is an exiting program being administered by Orange County/University of Florida Extension to provide communities with the street trees they need to have a more unified, established look.

These "street lining" trees need to be planted within the public right of way in unincorporated areas of Orange County.

An educational program and planting assistance provides the homeowner with the training and skills needed for landscaping and beautifying their community.

starts with . . .

The Application

Send in an application to Orange County Extension!

Community Meeting

Once your application is accepted, a community meeting is held to get your community volunteers together with our landscape architect. Since education is one of our goals, we'll discuss the streetscape design process, urban design principals and basic tree care. Since this is designing with the future in mind, community commitment in the streetscape project is essential.

Site Analysis

Our team of professionals will research your site, and do a site survey, determining the type of soil and drainage conditions existing in your area. We also look at the surrounding and existing plant community to assess the type of trees that will fit into the design theme for your community.

Master Plan

The recommended location and types of trees are shown on a plan for those homes with space for a tree. Click here for a list of trees offered.

The Adoption Papers

Using the proposed master plan, a streetscape committee made up of members of your community will go door to door to get a commitment from homeowners to adopt a tree. Once we get a majority of the proposed trees adopted, we will finalize the plan.

Finalization of Plan

Now that we know which families have adopted a tree, we will submit our final permit drawings, flag the locations of the trees and verify that no utility conflict exists. Then we set your planting date!

Planting Day!

First we'll have an on-site review to go over the how-to's of tree planting and the initial care of your new trees. Now the "dirty work" starts!  Your neighborhood volunteers, along with Orange County staff, Master Gardeners and other volunteers guiding the way, will plant your streetscape! Orange County supplies the trees, mulch and even the tools!

Continued Commitment

We'll go over the long range maintenance and care of the trees, stressing community involvement - remember, these are everyone's trees, for the beautification of the entire neighborhood!


The benefits of a streetscape planting are many! Along with the obvious advantages of shade, beauty and a unified community look, trees provide oxygen and fresh air, habitats for wildlife, and plant diversity. A streetscape planting can help to calm traffic and protect the land from erosion and runoff.

Pride of ownership and a sense of accomplishment are important benefits of the streetscape program, not to mention the increase of your property value!

Frequently Asked Questions

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